Dr. Dutson joined us on Senior Resource Radio on Sunday, March
11th to talk to us about an emerging field in the neurology community called
"Functional Neurology." He tells us that due to the brains neuroplasticity, our
brain's nervous system can rewire itself to relearn things that were affected by
memory loss, brain injury, and even stroke. To hear our interview with him, go
to our
Archived Shows segment of our website.

Dr. Dutson also recommended a few books if you would like more information on the subject. The first one is "Brain Rules" written by John Medina. The book explains how by applying a few principles, we can enhance the performance of our brains. From
exercising and nutrition to reducing stress, the book is filled with valuable information to help us to make best use of our brains.

The other book Dr. Dutson recommended was "My Stroke of Insight" by Jill Taylor. As a professor of Neurology at Harvard University, Dr. Taylor grew in her knowledge the day she was affected by a massive stroke. In her book, she tells us how she used "functional neurology" to get back to 100%. You can
watch a video of her speaking about this here.

Dr. Dutson also introduced us to a video called "Hope Restored" and it shows a few
case studies of what "Functional Neurology" can accomplish.
See the video here.


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